Corona testing on site .

Apply for corona testing on location for companies

It can happen that a single employee turns out to have COVID-19 and then the whole team gets infected. That is not something you want to think about in these difficult times. Nobody is waiting for unnecessary sick leave.

Testing at a location or testing in the company

Within our network of test providers, there are two possibilities to have employees tested.

  • The first is a company test at a location of your choice in the vicinity of the company, anywhere in the Netherlands.
  • The second option is a test street at a fixed location at the company itself, where our medically trained test professionals take tests from (part of) the staff.

Free testing for companies is possible

With the new subsidy from the government, it is even possible to have employees tested for the coronavirus nearby, quickly and safely, if they have complaints or coronasymptoms. In cooperation with a large number of medically trained professionals throughout the country, companies can make use of this.

If you would like to work with us, please fill in the following contact form and we will get back to you:

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