Cookies .

What are cookies?

Cookies are files that we place on your device and can read out in order to keep track of your visit to and use of our website and, where possible or necessary, to integrate with other websites and providers that also use these cookies.

What cookies do we use?

We place different types of cookies for different reasons. Some are to make certain functionalities of our website technically possible. Some are to integrate with third-party websites and services and some are to display personalised content or ads.

Which cookies do we use?

Technically necessary cookies

We place cookies that make the use of our website possible. We place these cookies without consent, as they are necessary for the functioning of the website. They include cookies that support the following functionalities:

  • Remembering menu choices;
  • Using search functions and filters;
  • Placing of bookings;
  • Executing payments;
  • Integration with payment processors.
  • Analytical cookies

To improve our website and services, we keep data on your visit and use of our website, including:

  • Your IP address;
  • Your browser data;
  • The time, duration, and actions performed on our site.

The collected data is used anonymously for a general analysis of visitor behavior. As they can no longer be traced back to a person, no permission is required.

Tracking cookies

We also make use of cookies that follow you across several websites and that can establish a connection with the data that is known about you there. The purposes of this are:

  • Integration with social media;
  • Showing personalised content;
  • Showing personalised advertisements.

We always ask you for your permission to place tracking cookies. You can always change this via the page for managing your cookie preferences.

Choices about your cookies

Many browsers set cookies automatically. In many cases, you can change the settings manually if you do not wish to do so.

Seen an advertisement or content you don’t like? For more information about the use of your cookies and data, you can also contact the social media providers or advertisers who place these cookies. There you may also be able to exercise your rights under the AVG, such as objecting to the use of your data.